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Four musicians who got together to bring something missing onto the Czech rock scene - an all-female band that plays heavy music. The Agony are the kind of band that won’t play office parties and talent competitions while wearing stockings and miniskirts onstage. They’ve got different priorities, namely their own heavy rock music; not the fact they happen to be girls.

The Agony are an all-female heavy rock four-piece formed in 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic. The first line-up included the founding members Nikola Kandoussi (rhythm guitar / vocals) and Jarka Červeňáková (drums), later joined by Katie Skatie (bass / vocals) and Terka Pšenčíková (lead guitar). From the beginning, The Agony’s music could be roughly described as a bit of Motörhead / Girlschool meets Mötley Crue with punk and grunge vibe, heavy riffs and catchy choruses.

The band‘s first EP Loud And Furious was released in July 2013; the release was accompanied by the first video for the song 'Kick Ass', and mainly 'T.W.S. ', the band’s first major single. 2014 meant personal changes on the drum throne when Jarka left and Martina Kajda Balcarová joined the band, first as a part-time (swapping with another drummer, Jenny Jensiblack), later as a full-time drummer. Having released another video, this time for the new single 'Give It To Me', The Agony progressed to a higher level. A successful tour in support of the well-known drummer Mike Terrana followed, resulting with the band gaining more fans and interest of fellow musicians and press.

Last year was full-on for The Agony, starting with a thriving Pledgemusic campaign for recording and releasing the debut album. The result called Dirty And Dangerous came out in June with the band introducing the record in July, on the main stage of the biggest Czech open-air festival Masters of Rock, on the same bill with bands like Crucified Barbara, Avatar, Gotthard and The Exploited. The Agony also supported many foreign acts on their Czech dates, including the legendary British band Girlschool, Japanese warriors Loudness, American guitarist Adam Bomb, or the ex-Iron Maiden singer, Blaze Bayley.

2016 will see more club and festival gigs both in the Czech Republic and abroad (United Kingdom, Germany…), new single and another music video.